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Florida Fast Title Service Inc. is a full service Title and Tag service.   Founded in 1990, We have spent 20 years meeting the needs of the Automotive, Financial, Insurance & Mobile Home Industry. Our client base includes: Independent Dealers, Franchise Dealers, Financial Institutions, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, Land Title & Escrow Companies.

Title Goddess

Your guide to buying a car on Craigslist and Ebay.

Karen Matera

Rarely, does a week go by, here at Florida Fast Title Service Inc., that we do not receive a call from a panic stricken person who has recently purchased a vehicle from either craigslist or eBay that has either a defective title or no title at all. Now, with that being said,  I am still a huge fan of both of these sale venues, and I believe they are a fantastic tool for finding a vehicle.  You just need to be smart about transacting your purchase.   I just cannot stress enough how important it is that you do your homework before handing over your hard earned cash.  I see professional intelligent people weekly who find themselves with a major title problem.

Here are some tips to checking that title validity.

  1.  Make sure that the person selling you this vehicle is actually listed as the titled owner. Not just signed over to them.
  2. Make sure there are no erasers, corrections, or strike outs on the title. ( in many cases this voids the title all together)
  3. Get a separate bill of sale! ( This is usually needed by the DMV to process)
  4. Make sure vehicle does not have any brands such as salvage, flood etc.
  5. Contact your local DMV and make sure the title you are holding in your hand is the most recent title issued.
  6. Run a Carfax report.. ( The extra $20.00 is well worth it)
  7. Contact your local police department and ask them to run the V.I.N and make sure the vehicle is not stolen.
  8. Always get a good contact name, number and address from the seller, in case you need his help later.
  9. No matter how tempting,  don't under disclose the value of the vehicle.  The few dollars in sales tax you save is not worth the penalties when you get caught.
  10. If at all possible...  GO TO LOCAL DMV WITH THE SELLER,  have the title transferred into your name as you are finalizing the sale.

Happy Hunting People!!!!

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