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Florida Fast Title Service Inc. is a full service Title and Tag service.   Founded in 1990, We have spent 20 years meeting the needs of the Automotive, Financial, Insurance & Mobile Home Industry. Our client base includes: Independent Dealers, Franchise Dealers, Financial Institutions, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, Land Title & Escrow Companies.

Title Goddess

The Title Goddess is here! Cars, Motorcycles, Boats and More! Ask away....

Karen Matera

So,  new to this whole blogging thing, but not new to the world of car titles.  I've spent the last 25 years solving title  problems all over the world.   I was affectionately given the name " Title Goddess"  several years ago by one of my long term customers, and it stuck, so I went with it.   My plan for this blog is to put my expertise out to the public.  I want to hear your questions.  I mean , this is a chance for free advice.  Sooooooooooooooo,  lets go!

Hit me with them!!!


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