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Florida Fast Title Service Inc. is a full service Title and Tag service.   Founded in 1990, We have spent 20 years meeting the needs of the Automotive, Financial, Insurance & Mobile Home Industry. Our client base includes: Independent Dealers, Franchise Dealers, Financial Institutions, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, Land Title & Escrow Companies.

Title Goddess

The Bonded Title in Florida

Karen Matera

Until a few years ago, when you purchased a vehicle in Florida with a defective title, unless you were able to get the needed documents from the seller, your only recourse to get that vehicle on the road was through a court order.  You now have a new option.  The Bonded Title.

Costs of the Bond start at $113.00 and increase as the vehicle's Blue Book value increases.  The cost of the bond is in addition to the applicable sales tax, state title and tag fees, as well as processing fees.

The title carries the brand of " Bonded" for a period of three years.  However, the vehicle can be registered and sold just like any other vehicle.